From HR specialist To CEO In last 4 months our company has a lack of skilled personnel. So, my HR department decided to open one more vacancy for the General Manager post. We designed special leaflets where all of the requirements were mentioned, so that the General Manager must be enthusiastic, have outstanding communication skills and be able to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. After two weeks of getting calls and letters, we short-listed four candidates to work with.

Every one of them can be a great Manager, but we had only 1 vacancy, so, we created more criteria to be discussed. Look at the table below to see them. | | |Summary | |Options |Decision (4 is the highest mark) | | | |Commun. Skills |Expirience |Results of apt. |Interested in |Multilang. | | |Weight 5 | |test |sports | | | | | |Weight 5 |Weight 3 |Weight 3 |Weight 4 | | |Isabella Rosetti |20 |10 |9 |6 |16 |61 | |Michael Bolen |10 |20 |6 |6 |0 |42 | |Bob Wills |20 |20 |12 |9 |16 |77 | |Stephanie Grant |20 |15 |6 |6 |12 |59 | So, after making some analysis we decided to hire Bob Wills, because he seems to be a reliable and responsible one. Also, he knows how to deal with every sort of people, as he war working for the US Army.

In his CV it’s says that he’s sociable and can communicate with Spanish (as his girlfriend is Puerto Rican). It’s important for the General Manager to be open for the society and be able to speak more that one language. Also he has the highest result for the aptitude test. And the last but not the least he knows how to use a computer properly. Anyway, if Mr. Wills doesn’t suits our company well, we can hire Isabella Rosetti, because of her results in aptitude test and CV provided. She also seems to be a good Manager. So, the final decision will be taken after the appointment. But the priority is established already. All in all, I can not hire any one of them after taking your point of view on board. In this case I hope to hear from you soon.

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