Personal Hygiene Case Study:

Personal hygiene is the complex of actions aimed at the maintenance of the body’s health and beauty. Evidently, personal hygiene is one of the major factors which effect the human health and protect it from numerous diseases. It is known that the majority of the diseases are transferred into the human organism because of the low personal hygiene. If someone does not care about herself, there is a high chance to fall ill with numerous diseases, which could have been prevented with the simple washing of hands.

Personal hygiene includes basic activities like brushing one’s teeth, cutting of one’s nails, shaping body hair, washing, taking shower, cleaning ears, nose, etc. The basic actions of personal hygiene are taught to small children in order to make them follow the parents’ advice in future. It is obvious that it is impossible to live without the following of the rules of the personal hygiene. The issue touches upon not only of one’s body, but clothes, home, food products, etc.

It is known that the majority of infections are transmitted with the dirty food products, so it is important to clean vegetables and fruit before eating. Speaking about the clean clothes one should remember that dirty clothes contains dust, microorganisms and infections, so if one wants to avoid them and look neatly, he should wash the clothes periodically. The hygiene of home is also important for the human health, because if the house is dusty, wet, etc, there is a risk of the breeding of various bacteria and attack of the human health.

Personal hygiene is the problem which is supposed to be close to everyone, and everybody thinks that he knows about the issue everything, but it is not true, and it is useful to devote time and learn about the new techniques of maintenance of personal hygiene for the sake of health and successful social life. Studying the problem of personal hygiene the student should pay attention to the person or the subject of the research, the case site and dwell on the cause and effect of the problem on personal hygiene. One should observe the problem on hygiene from all sides and suggest a sensible solution to it.

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